My research

My main focus is on experimental and theoretical morphology. My dissertation addresses issues of morphological structure and decomposition in the processing of morphologically complex words. I investigate to what extent we find psycholinguistic evidence for Full Decomposition, and what role semantic transparency plays in these decomposition processes cross-linguistically.

I also work on theoretical projects in morphology and its interfaces. Currently, I am working on Resultative Secondary Predicates and their incompatibility with verbal prefixes in German and Dutch. I propose a unified analysis for the two languages in which prefixes and RSPs are incompatible due to a semantic restriction which states that only one result state is possible per simplex or complex event. In a joint morpho-phonological project with Jan Don and Paula Fenger, we addressed the status of derivational affixes (as functional morphemes or Roots) and gave an account for their stress-sensitivity or stress-neutrality and their categorical (in-)flexibility. Here’s our recently published paper!

Finally, I am interested in Psycholinguistics in general, and I have done some work on semantic processing (specifically, the interpretation of presuppositions under the scope of quantifiers and quantifier resolution in general), and on language processing in language impaired populations (ASD and SLI).